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Types of Toilets for Your Bathroom

If you walk into a bathroom supply store or home improvement center, you’ll likely see a wide variety of toilets to choose from. Whether you need an economical option or want something with the latest tech, there’s no shortage of options.

So, how do you choose the best option? Consider the budget, usage, and design. Below, we look at some toilet styles you can pick from.

Types of Toilets: Flushing Systems

One way to categorize toilets is by the way they flush. There are two main types of flushing systems: gravity and pressure-assisted. Another common type is dual flush.

  • Gravity-Flush ToiletsA gravity-flush toilet uses gravity to flush out waste through a siphon system that pulls water from a tank or reservoir into the bowl. In a gravity-flush toilet, water from the tank is released into the bowl and creates a siphon effect that pulls waste and water through the trap and into the drain.
  • Pressure-Assisted ToiletsIn this type, a pressure chamber is built into the toilet’s tank, which pressurizes the water in the tank, allowing it to flow more quickly out of the tank and into the bowl. These toilets are a long-term investment as they can last up to 30 years.

    You can also save on water bills because pressure-assisted toilets use less water than a gravity-flush toilet for each flush. They’re also more powerful, using 1.1 to 1.2 gallons per flush.

  • Dual Flush ToiletsThese toilets have a split flush feature that allows you to choose between a full or partial flush. The controls for the dual flush are located on top of the tank. The full flush is typically used for solids, while the half-flush is used for liquids.

Types of Toilets: Modern Features

There are several types of toilets equipped with modern technology. These include:

  • Waterless ToiletsA waterless toilet uses ‘dry sanitation’, which involves storing waste in a container and removing it periodically. Such a toilet is best suited for areas with limited water resources or off-the-grid living.
  • Smart ToiletsSmart toilets have features such as heated seats, deodorizing systems, and motion-activated lid openings. Some of them are even voice-controlled and can be paired with the user’s smartphone to adjust settings, flush the toilet, and provide data about usage.

Types of Toilets: Number of Pieces

Toilets can also be differentiated by the number of pieces they are composed of. They can be of the following types.

  • One-Piece ToiletsA one-piece toilet has all of its parts – bowl, tank, and seat – in one unit. They typically have an elongated bowl for comfort and may include a top-mounted flush button. They are easy to install and clean.
  • Two-Piece ToiletsA two-piece toilet is a separate bowl and tank connected by bolts. Typically, the bowl is round instead of elongated for increased efficiency in flushing. The tank has a curved shape and is mounted on the wall. Two-piece toilets are usually more affordable than one-piece toilets. While one-piece toilets can cost from $500 to $1000, two-piece toilets range from $250 to $700.

Types of Toilets: Location

You can also find different types of toilets based on where you will install them in your bathroom. Here are two options.

  • Wall-Hung ToiletsIf you’re short on floor space, go for a wall-hung toilet. A wall-hung toilet goes directly against the wall, with only the tank and bowl visible. It helps give your bathroom an open, spacious feel.

    These toilets are available in many styles and materials, including porcelain, stainless steel, glass, stone, and more. They can also come with added features like a heated seat, a night light, and a built-in bidet.

  • Corner ToiletsA corner toilet is designed to fit in the corner of a bathroom, allowing you to maximize floor space. Plus, it makes cleaning easier since you don’t have to worry about reaching into tight spaces.

Why Hire a Professional for Toilet Installation?

As you can guess from the types of toilets listed above, so many parts and pieces must come together for a toilet to work efficiently and safely. It’s not something you should do on your own. A professional can install a toilet quickly, with minimal disruption to your daily life. They will also have all the necessary tools for the job, so you won’t have to buy or rent anything for the project.

Our network of bathroom remodeling professionals meet these requirements and more. Our teams’ equipment and swift workmanship complement their attention to detail and personal customer service. They will answer your questions and address any concerns throughout the process. When you hire our team, you only get the best of everything – service, quality, and price. Call us today for an estimate.